Real Carbon Fiber, manufactured with precision processes down to 0.1mm.

The conventional method of manufacturing carbon fiber is HLCF (Hand Lay-Up Carbon Fiber).  This process can be accurate, however each individual piece can have slight concave, or convex areas on the panel, making them difficult to install, and inprecise in their fitment.

In the case of carbon fiber overlay panels, HLCF may be chaeper, however the irregularities in HLCF can result in the panel falling off, due to poor tape adhesion on the wavy areas.

RSW Co. Ltd. in Japan developed a unique method of PLCF (Press Lay-Up Carbon Fiber).  PLCF is more accurate and precise, resulting in higher quality carbon fiber panels, with superior fitment.  Adhesion with 3M tape is perfect, eliminating any fitment issues.

When the product is finished, the final stage is to coat them in high quality DuPont clear coat, which protects the carbon fiber from UV rays, fading, discolouration and scratches.

In the quality, fitment, and feel of RSW's carbon fiber products, you can distinctly see their committment to the highest level of carbon fiber manufacturing.  Each product is made individually by an RSW craftsman, who manufactures the product from beginning to end.  The craftsman requires 1 day to make 1 product, ensuring quality control every step of the way.

Order your carbon fiber panel today, and see the difference total commitment to quality makes.